Let's have a chat with Sammys' life coach, Katie Dean ✨

Let's have a chat with Sammys' life coach, Katie Dean ✨

Describe your job and what you do on a day-to basis?

 As women we tend to wear a truck load of hats meaning like so many women, I am a wide variety of things throughout the day.

  • I’m an Author of Becoming Brave and a second book soon to be announced.
  • I’m a Mindset and Motivation Mentor and guide women who are ready to see their fears differently, and live a life of confidence and clarity.
  • I’m also a solo Mumma to two wildling little Taurus boys.

Day to day I connect with women to support them via coaching calls and live chats. If I’m not doing what I’m at my laptop writing all the words to share what I know to be true about topics that most women can relate to, but not everyone is talking about. We all have the same ‘stuff’ but most people aren’t sure where to start when it comes to making a change and rising above their challenges. It’s my aim to ensure that as many women as possible understand that they aren’t alone throughout so much of the confusing stuff.

 What is your favourite thing about being a life coach?

 Oh my goodness, the connections I get to make, the breakthroughs I get to witness and the community we create whilst doing both of those.

You have recently launched your second edition of your book Becoming Brave! Congratulations! If there were a few sentences to describe your book to our BB Beauties, what would they be?

I did! I can’t believe we sold out of the first one and now it’s back better than ever. Becoming Brave is an honest snapshot into a world where it’s possible to thrive alongside your fears. It’s a book that encourages us to be both brave and vulnerable and celebrates sensitivity as a superpower for sure.

 What is something you do every day for self-love?

 It changes every day but I always try to be intentional with the respect I give to myself. I do that through the choices I make with my food, to the human-ness I allow myself to experience to the compassion I show myself as my head hits the pillow each night. We’re all just doing the best we can so understanding that and letting go of the guilt is one of the best things I can do for myself every dang day.

 What’s your favourite flavour of Breeze Balm and why?

I’m a fan of the ‘Hero Balm’. It’s unisex and I’m such a monochrome gal, I love that it’s subtle too. Love – love – love it.

 What’s an empowering quote you can share with others?

 ‘Your Fear is a chance for you to be brave’. Everything is in how you perceive it. When you choose to become a student of your emotions and understand them rather than run from them you can change your life completely 💕

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