Meet the Breeze Balm team - Amelia

Meet the Breeze Balm team - Amelia

What is your name and what do you do at Breeze Balm?

Hey! My name is Amelia and I work in Breeze Balms Marketing team as well as Product Development. Every snippet of content that Breeze Balm sends out either goes through myself or comes from me! I'm a major perfectionist 😝

What is your favourite scent of Breeze Balm?

I'm a plain Jane through and through, I LOVE our Perfect Pout. However, our newest scent Bananas For You is pretty darn close to being my fave 🍌😏 It's a toughy!

What is your previous work experience, and did it prepare you for Breeze Balm?

I've worked in a range of roles centred around Event Management and Social Media Marketing (preparation from these goes without saying) as well as my fabulous hospitality days which taught me SO much in terms of communication, working in a team and customer management (haha I'm sure everyone knows those feels). I'm also in my final year uni which I'm studying a Bachelor of Business, Majoring in Marketing and Event Management so that has helped a lot. 

What made you want to work for Breeze Balm?

I've been good friends with Sammy for a few years now - I love her mission and the beautiful brand she has created along with it. I was literally part of the very first Breeze Balm launch where we sprawl out in an empty warehouse trying to frantically pack 1000 orders in 24 hours. I laugh at the thought of us doing that now! The role Sammy offered me was also really in line with work that empowers me and sparks my creativity, and where I see my career path going. So it was a win, win!

What is your favourite part about your role?

There is seriously so many! Call me cliche, but I truly believe when you find a line of work you're passionate about it's hard to consider it 'work'. I love the creative aspect of my role, I love the beauties I work alongside and I love that I'm involved in fun future projects. I said the other day, it's pretty incredible seeing a concept you've talked about come to life and be shipped all around the globe for people to love and rave about! 

What are you currently watching on Netflix/Stan?

I watched a doco on Netflix over the weekend called 'heal' - that was amazing and so eye opening. Otherwise, I've been loving a series called The Happy Place. It's one of those shows you can be entertained by but not have to think too much into!

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  • Meri Pfeiffer

    hi there, i LOVE your product!! i was wondering if your company supports sponsorships or collabs! if so i would love to do one with you and promote your company on my story in exchange!!

  • Makayla

    Hey! I was told to contact you about being on your Pr list! I have over 31.6k+ over on my tiktok platform,and I would love to review and promote your products! My tiktok is @.kaylas_cameraroll !

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