Meet the team - Renee

Meet the team - Renee

What is your name and what do you do at Breeze Balm?

Hey! I’m Renee and I do PR, Marketing and business development at Breeze Balm.

What is your favourite scent of Breeze Balm?

At the moment I am craving the creamy Balms. My current favourites are Perfect Pout and Banana. In the warmer months I seem to go for the fruity scents like Pineapple and Grape.

What is your previous work experience, and did it prepare you for Breeze Balm?

Everything to date has impacted my work life and prepared me for my role at Breeze Balm. I love experiencing new things, exploring new places and learning from others. Using the new knowledge and skills I have gained to trial systems and procedures. I love planning, developing business growth and problem solving. Everything you do in life will certainly impact you in some way so get out there and make the most of your time!

My background is in Event Management and Marketing, completing a Bachelor of Business with these two majors as my focus. To figure out what I had the most passion for, during Uni I worked/volunteered at many events. These ranged from sporting, tourism, corporate functions and large galas.

Following uni I organised Careers Expos around Australia for 10 years and during that time intermittently lived in Canada and London taking casual roles in event companies while travelling.

From there I became extremely interested in the health and wellness industries and started my own business. One side of the business was a passion project creating a women’s holistic wellness festival and the other side I contracted to a few companies who wanted to build meaningful events for they fitness/health brand. This lead me being the Event  & Operations Officer of The Squad World Tour and meeting Sammy!

The great thing about event management and marketing is that you get experience within all aspects of business. My past work has been extremely vast from sales, logistics, international business, merchandising, budgeting/finance, marketing (digital and offline), HR and so much more… I even have my forklift licence and am not afraid to just get in and do the dirty work.

What made you want to work for Breeze Balm?

I love what the Breeze Balm stands for and absolutely love the passion Sammy has for her brand. The amount Sammy has achieved firstly on her own, and then with a small team, is incredible and something I just had to be part of!

Not to mention the unique history behind the product, the benefits of the product itself and the incredible impact it has had on so many customers. Breeze Balm is one of the most inspiring workplaces I have been part of with a huge opportunity for growth.

What is your favourite part about your role?

I can’t choose one thing! I love the diversity in my role, the flexibility and the team. 

What are you currently watching on Netflix/Stan?

One Strange Rock & Lunatics. One for learning and one for the laughs!


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    What an inspiration!! 💕

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    Looks Great Xxx

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    I love breeze balm!! 😍

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