The easiest 5 steps to make the most of your day 💛🙌🏼🍌

The easiest 5 steps to make the most of your day 💛🙌🏼🍌


Using your precious sleeping hours to finish off projects could arguably be one of the worst things you could to master your day. More and more research is showing links between lack of sleep and decreased productivity in an individual. A good night sleep allows you to process information at a higher rate, perform tasks better and enables your bodily functions 


A wise person once said, 'if you can't do the little things, you can't do the big things' and we couldn't agree more! Think of all the little building blocks in life, without successfully completing them how are the big things meant to thrive? Making your bed is the first little task of your day. Fluffing those pillows, and straightening up your sheets has been proven to make people happier, and to be honest, being happy is exactly what we all need at 6AM in the morning!


Ever had that shock horror feeling of 'it's 3PM, where the heck did my day go?!' - we have! We're sure we can all agree that without setting your intentions and goals for the day it's really easy to let those 24 hours slip away to nothing. Now, the question is... HOW DO WE SET INTENTIONS?! Here's a couple of questions that help us (Forbes, 2016):

  • What really matters most in making this a success?
  • Given my real priorities, where should I focus my attention? What do I most want to look out for?


The importance of breakfast in the morning is known to most of us. A nutritious breakfast can boost your metabolism, cognitive function, reduces fatigue and also boost our happiness levels! Our actions of a morning, set the tone for the whole day and by eating a healthy breakfast in a positive way, we're a message to ourselves that we respect our bodies and want to take care of our health and wellbeing. This positive action, creates positive energy and momentum, making it more likely you'll do what you need to do in your day and do it well.

Our favourite, nutritiously dense breakfasts are smoothies. They're easy, quick and nourish our bodies straight away! We highly recommend adding a good quality source of protein to your smoothie - we love Happy Way Banana Whey protein powder (use the code BANANA for 10% off!). Not only is protein a great way to fuel your muscles, it also satiates us for longer #nohungerpainshere. Check out our Instagram our favourite smoothie recipe! 


 Are you a to-do list person? We used to be until we listened to an epic podcast explaining the science behind a to-do list and how actually setting times to achieve tasks in your day is a much for productive way to go about things. Brain dumping everything you need to do on a scrap piece of paper, and transferring each task into your day (by the hour or minutes if you need) will seriously improve your productivity and allow you to get the MOST out of your day. Try it and see if it works for you. 

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  • Gabby

    Great article!

  • Dawn

    I love being able to to check something off in my planner when I have it scheduled!

  • Chris

    Excellent advice!

  • A Wager

    I love to put a scoop in my oatmeal at breakfast.

  • Silveia

    I love the tips to help. The schedule it in is something I really need to start doing.

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