Meet our Newest Breeze Balm Beauty - Cassandra Allen!

Meet our Newest Breeze Balm Beauty - Cassandra Allen!

Why did you choose to model for Breeze Balm?

I chose to model for Breeze Balm because of what the company stands for and represents. Self love, acceptance, confidence and they genuinely care about creating an amazing product that people will love.

What other modelling experience have you had before this shoot?

Before Breeze Balm I had done some modelling work for Moana bikini, it has been amazing to work along side two incredible companies. 

Whats your favourite food to eat?

It is so hard to choose my favourite food because I LOVE FOOD SO MUCH, I will have to say my dad's cooking! Which is like African herbs/spices which leave your taste buds dancing.

Whats your favourite Breeze Balm Scent? 

My favourite scent would have to be the Pineapple Pash! The scent is so delicious it has permanently made a pineapple print on my brain haha! Although who am I kidding, all of them!

Follow Cass on Instagram: @cassandraallen_ 

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