The real question is should we get a lash lift or lash extension?

The real question is should we get a lash lift or lash extension?

Everyone gal loves a good lash look, especially when you’re makeup is looking extra good! Or maybe even on a day when you wear no makeup, yet somehow your lash lift or lash extensions make it look as though you have a full glam look. Either way, there’s no denying how good lashes make us feel. 

Of course there are so many options available but lately there are two key players in the beauty industry – lash lifts and lash extensions. Now the only question is, which one is best? I wanted to know, so I tried both! Here’s what we found:

Lash Lift

Firstly, we wanted to know what exactly a lash lift is. Think of it as a perm for your lashes, because it is just that! When you go into the salon, your lashes get glued onto a round cylinder-type tube (this is what gives it the curl effect). Then chemicals are added onto your lashes to basically keep this shape in place. Additionally, if you get your lashes tinted after the perm, they look even more amazing! 

What we love about a lash lift:

  • Gives a more natural, yet still lengthening look
  • You can get them wet (unlike extensions)
  • Your lashes don’t feel heavy/sore
  • No need to add mascara after the lift is done


Lash Extensions

Getting lash extensions is also a relaxing process! When you walk into the salon, you’ll lie down while the lash technician glues the extensions onto your lashes. Lash extensions definitely give a much bolder, lengthier and thicker appearance to your lashes. Although they do not look as natural as a lash lift, you can definitely choose a more natural-looking extension if you ask for silk lashes.  The only downside to lash extensions included that you can feel the extra weight on your lashes. It also hurts at times if you touch your lashes and of course, you cannot get them wet. Lastly, the lash extension gradually fall out and could leave a patchy look if not maintained regularly. 

 What we love about lash extensions:

  • They look stunning and really lengthens your lash look
  • Already tinted 
  • Tailored to your own lash look with different styles

Depending on what you’re after for your lashes, both options really are amazing! I would recommend lash lifts for those of you who don’t want to worry about maintenance and want that natural look. If you’re wanting a look that’s much more glam and bold, lash extensions are the way to go, as long as you’re willing to maintain and get them re-done regularly! 

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