Have you ever felt self-doubt, no confidence, worthless, no motivation, negative, sad, unwanted, rejected….?


We have and we are here to let you know that you are not alone.

It is common to feel these things as we grow and learn who we are as people.

But every time myself or my sister have felt any of the feels above there has been a tiny, small, quiet, (but still there) voice telling us to keep going.


This is who we call, our inner QUEEN.


She is strong, she is powerful, she is kind, she is loyal, she is fierce, she is YOU.

Every single one of us has her. Or if you are a guy, you have your KING.

No matter how hard life gets. YOU have a Queen or King inside you.



Every time you wear this makeup it is a reminder of your inner strength, power and kindness.

And on your hardest days when you don’t feel her / him … put on your OHLEO Cosmetics make up and let this be your alter ego until you feel the strength. I promise you it’s there.


It’s time to take your power back, it’s time to feel fierce, stand strong, be beautiful and unapologetically you. Everyone is unique. Show this world what you are made of.


OHLEO Cosmetics was created by Sammy Leonard & Petra Leonard, sisters from Dunedin, New Zealand. From a young age both sisters were obsessed with playing with make-up and creating fun, different looks that made them feel their inner strength. This love of make-up inspired the sisters to create their own cosmetic line that truly highlighted this feeling of empowerment.

OHLEO Cosmetics is made with the highest quality ingredients, is rich in pigment and will be forever cruelty free.