How Lip Scrub Works

Most people talk about taking care of their body, with focus on haircare, body care and skincare when (in our opinion) one of our most beautiful features, our smile should take centre stage. Not only to enhance your smile but too often, when we forget to take care of our lips they become dry and start getting chapped. If you have such problems, you can use a lip scrub as a natural treatment and effective. Lip scrub is the best option for taking care of your lips. You will see the following positive effects on your lips when you use lip scrub regularly: 

Exfoliate your lips

Just as you exfoliate your body from time to time, as you take care of your face very well, similarly your lips also need exfoliation and deep nourishment. Lip scrub has the effect of removing dead skin cells, making your lips feel great and improving their overall look. Our Breeze Balm lip scrub also has hydrating properties to ensure you’re not only taking off dry layers of your skin, you're also ensuring the moisture is replaced. Use scrub twice a week and follow with the Breeze Balm overnight lip mask.

Soften skin’s appearance

There are several reasons that your lips look rough and scaly. Maybe your lips are always exposed to the scorching heat of the sun, which hardens and dries out your skin. In cold climates, winds will hit your lips and over time they become dehydrated. These amongst many other things like UV rays, allergies, smoking, hormonal imbalance, and caffeine. These are all could be the causes of your dull-looking lips. If you want to get rid of the darker scaly patches on your lips then lip scrub is the safe, natural, and easy way. It mainly consists of two components: a moisturizing agent and an exfoliating agent. Exfoliating agents gently remove flakes of the dry and dead skin of your lips while the moisturising agent provides a hydrating base.

Try a lip scrub today for softer more plump lips tomorrow! The Breeze Balm Dry Lip Repair Duo featuring a Lip Scrub and Hydration Sleeping Mask is the best place to start.