She realised the balm she grew up with was very special...
She wanted to share it with the world.

Sammy Leo is the founder of Breeze Balm. She grew up in a small town in Dunedin, New Zealand, with a secret in her pocket. What she called her “little pot of gold”

The secret was a special formulation for a hydrating, soothing lip balm, used by many locals, friends and family members and handmade by Sammy’s Grandfather and Father (Both Pharmacist’s). The secret recipe was passed down through generations since approximately the 1950’s.

While Sammy worked during school holidays in the family pharmacy, There was one thing that always stood out to her with the customers she met. The customers would rave and rave about how incredible the lip balm was.

However, once Sammy’s family sold their pharmacy in late 2014, Sammy soon realised the supply of her little pot of gold would soon run out. She was not the only one, Many Locals, Friends and extended families were desperate to restock the famous balm that they couldn’t live without.

It was at that moment that Sammy realised - The balm she grew up with was very special. She wanted to share it with the world. She wanted to create a brand that had a piece of her heart, she wanted it to be bright and bubbly but also included her absolute love for the beach, sun and the tropical family holidays she used to take when she was younger. That’s where the name Breeze Balm was created.

The bright colours and the tropical scents. But it wasn’t that simple. To Sammy, Breeze Balm is so much more than a lip balm. It is a piece of her. She wants to inspire others to feel confident in their own skin, A smile is the most beautiful part of a person. It can light up a room, turn someone's day around, comfort a stranger, entertain someone, it can show love. It's infectious.

Everyone’s smile is unique. Using Breeze Balm enhances your smile, takes care of your lips, and draws attention to the most beautiful part of you. Breeze Balm is not just a lip balm, it's a community of men and woman who smile at each other with love, who take care of themselves and light up this world one smile at a time.

Breeze Balm Founder - Sammy Leonard

Father of Sammy - Pharmacist
Warren Leonard

Grandfather of Sammy - Pharmacist
Alan McMillan


We asked a few of our customers why they love Breeze Balm. These are their answers. 

The opinions of these people are purely their own.

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