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Where did Breeze Balm come from
Some 65 years ago, the then owner of New Zealand's oldest established pharmacy, Robert Merrett Wilkinson, invented a lip balm which he named "Wilkinson's Special Lip Ointment", which over the years became synonymous with the name of Wilkinson & Son Chemists Ltd.
This formula has been made by the three subsequent owners of the pharmacy including Alan McMillan (Sammy'sGranddad) and Warren Leonard, (Sammy's Dad). Warren has been making it for around 35 years.
The formula today is essentially unchanged from the original formula by Mr Wilkinson (with the exception of one minor ingredient which is almost impossible to obtain these days), and the manufacturing process is the same as when Mr Wilkinson made the balm.
Sammy got the idea to re-brand the lip ointment as Breeze Balm Perfect Pout, to share it with the world and to make sure her supply of breeze balm would never stop. 
It has been her "little pot of gold" since she can remember and with her friends, family and their families loving it, Desperate for more, she know the world would to. 
Breeze Balm has been sent to customers all around the world including Australia, New Zealand, United States, Great Britain, Europe and the United Arab Emirates.  
With various flavours being introduced, Warren had been kept really busy modifying the formula to accommodate the flavours (which is why some flavours have a slightly different look or texture compared to the original product, and each and every pot is made by hand and with love by Sammy's Dad."
Does it tingle? 
Breeze Balm can tingle a little bit if your lips are dry or wind burned, its is the nourishing moisture and will fade within minutes after application. 
When will my favourite flavour be restocked? 
Breeze Balm is a handmade product. Our manufacturer works at their best to cater to the huge demand of Breeze Balm and when a flavour is restocked we will post on our social media pages to notify everyone. 
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When will my parcel be shipped? 
We aim to ship your parcel within 24-48 hours of your purchase excluding weekends. 
Can I change my order once it is placed? 
Unfortunately once your order is finalised you are unable to change it. This is due to high demand, large influxes of emails and efficiency in getting your order out to you as fast as possible.
 My order hasn't arrived, how do I track it? 
When we ship your parcel to you, we send you a confirmation email to let you know it has been shipped. This email also includes a tracking number. On the odd occasion these emails can sometimes make it to your JUNK folder so don't forget to check there too! 
Use the tracking number on the site applicable to your shipping information to track your item and see where it is in transit.