Lanolin is a 100% natural occurring substance that is extracted from sheep’s wool.
But don’t worry! No sheep are harmed in this process. Lanolin is incredible, it helps to keep their coat protected and dry throughout the year. As sheep's wool grows continually, it is necessary that sheep are sheared regularly for the happiness and health of the animal.
Lanolin is the by-product of this shearing and washing process. Our Lanolin is ethically sourced within Australia and cruelty free.
So why is it so great for us?
Lanolin softens and moisturises the skin by creating an oily layer that traps water in, this in turn also decreases itching and flaking of the skin. Lanolin is able to do this as it cleverly mimics the lipids of the human skin, making it the most skin compatible ingredient available.


Our Beeswax is 100% Pure and is one of our most precious and beneficial ingredients included in our lip balm.  There are countless benefits from natural Beeswax. It helps to form a protective barrier on your skin whilst also being rich in Vitamin A. It helps to lock in moisture and is also soothing and softens the skin.  Everything we need for soft, smooth lips


The human body is made up of around 50- 65% water!
Let’s face it, water is super important to the human body, we need it to live and hydration is key.  


Our added scents for each balm are fresh, sweet, not too over powering and irresistible.
We use Australian food grade scents for your balms. Your lips are safe with us!