DATE ME Cola Lip Balm

$19.95 AUD

DATE ME Cola Lip Balm

$19.95 AUD
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This limited edition, valentines inspired lip balm is refreshing, deliciously sweet and great for date's to the movies... but, good for you! Think of this lip balm like frozen coke or coke bottles and as moorish as popcorn - you won't want to stop applying it smells and feels that good!

Date Me Cola lip balm helps dry and cracked lips.

NET 15g/0.52 oz 

We have minimal ingredients because less is more. 
Our balms are enriched with 100% Pure Lanolin & Beeswax. 

Lanolin is a 100% natural occurring substance that is extracted from sheep’s wool.
But don’t worry! No sheep are harmed in this process. 
Lanolin softens and moisturises the skin by creating an oily layer that traps water in, this in turn also decreases itching and flaking of the skin. Lanolin is able to do this as it cleverly mimics the lipids of the human skin, making it the most skin compatible ingredient available.

One of our most precious and beneficial ingredients included in our lip balm is beeswax. There are just countless benefits from natural Beeswax, from helping form a protective barrier on your skin, to being rich in Vitamin A, locking in moisture and also soothing and softening skin.

Lanolin, paraffin soft, water, aroma, emulsifying wax, beeswax, potassium sorbate 

Check out our full explanation on our ingredients

Customer Reviews

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Love it!!! Smells exactly like Cola. Good texture and packaging is unique, cute and well made.

100% recommend :)


DATE ME Cola Lip Balm

Holy grail

Once you try breeze balm, there is no turning back, and may I add ... this is my all-time favourite scent. I’m starting a petition to keep DATE ME Cola Lip Balm permanently!!!!

Received wrong product

I was really excited to try the DATE ME Cola Lip Balm, which was the main reason for my order!
Unfortunately I received Watermelon instead of Cola.
The team was very communicative and apologetic, and asked that I send the watermelon back and they’d send the Cola.
As that was a bit too much effort for me I just kept the watermelon. The watermelon is good, would recommend! Wish I got the Cola though.

Amazing balm.. leave lips delicious

All breeze balms are amazing but this one smells so delish it makes you want to kiss yourself 😂👏