Lip Hydration Cocktail Set

$70.00 AUD $76.80 AUD

Lip Hydration Cocktail Set

$70.00 AUD $76.80 AUD

The cocktails are flowing, lips are hydrated and the tropics are ready! Our Lip Hydration Cocktail Set is everything you have wished for and more. Three irresistible flavours to transport you to your favourite tropical holiday instantly. The set is completed with a medium sized mesh bag to keep your favourite Balm safe with you on the go.

1x Tropical Sunrise Lip Balm 
1x Appletini Lip Balm
1x Raspberry Spritz Lip Balm
1x Mesh Beauty Bag - medium

NET WT 15g/0.53OZ x3  


We have minimal ingredients because less is more. 

Our balms are enriched with 100% Pure Lanolin & Beeswax. 

Lanolin:  is a 100% natural occurring substance that is extracted from sheep’s wool.
But don’t worry! No sheep are harmed in this process. 
Lanolin softens and moisturises the skin by creating an oily layer that traps water in, this in turn also decreases itching and flaking of the skin. Lanolin is able to do this as it cleverly mimics the lipids of the human skin, making it the most skin compatible ingredient available.

Beeswax: One of our most precious and beneficial ingredients included in our lip balm is beeswax. There are just countless benefits from natural Beeswax, from helping form a protective barrier on your skin, to being rich in Vitamin A, locking in moisture and also soothing and softening skin.


Appletini & Tropical Sunrise : Lanolin, paraffin soft, water, aroma, emulsifying wax, beeswax, potassium sorbate

Raspberry Spritz : 
Lanolin, paraffin soft, water, aroma, emulsifying wax, beeswax, potassium sorbate, tocopherol (vitamin e)  


Check out our full explanation on our ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Love these, I have so many and love all of them 💜

Trudy Coulter
Love ❤️

Love these

Jaz Meizer

For my first time trying Breeze Balm I can honestly say I am not disappointed!! Amazing lip balms Sammy and team. I will definitely be back for more goodies

Piki Hoskins
Amazing formula

Can not get over the formulation of this lip balm. Keeps lips hydrated without it feeling sticky. Love this cocktail set the smells are just divine and delicious.

Alexandra De Jong
Cocktail set

Loved the flavours. Especially tropical sunrise and the packaging was so cute.