Karina Irby // Slaying Internet Trolls, Body Confidence & Being Your Own Boss

Karina Irby // Slaying Internet Trolls, Body Confidence & Being Your Own Boss

Influencer, body confidence advocate and founder of Moana Bikini, Karina Irby has taken social media by storm. Over a decade ago, Karina had a dream to start her own female swimwear label motivated by her own body insecurities. An eczema warrior she had a goal to make women feel good in their bikinis no matter your body type or skin condition. She devotes the success of Moana to her passion and determination to share her mission. Devoting most of her time to Moana, her social media aims to be a real and unfiltered snippet of her life - you can’t help but smile when you see her content. Karina has empowered a ‘Moana Army’ of like minded women, connecting all over the world through social media forums and meet-ups. Like most people in the limelight, Karina has had to deal with her fair share of internet trolls but hasn’t hesitated to call them out. 

Your fave beauty product at the moment?

Breeze Balm Pink Lemonade, I'm obsessed! It's such a fun colour. Got them everywhere!

Who is someone who inspires you and why?

My customers inspire me so much. I talk to them personally on the Moana Army Facebook page. I just pull so much love and inspiration from them when I have conversations with them.

Your favourite quote?

I like to swap it out for a song, depending on my mood and vibe of the day. It's a song called ‘Win” by Jay Rock.

What has 2020 taught you? 

When life gives you lemons, make that lemonade. 


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