Meet the team - Ashley

Meet the team - Ashley

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What is your name and what do you do at Breeze Balm?

My name is Ashley and I do a few different things at Breeze Balm. Firstly, I work as part of the distribution team, where we pack and send off all of your delicious Breeze Balm orders. Secondly, I am also part of the Customer Care team, where I respond to any emails that we get. And lastly, if you’re part of our BB Beauty Facebook group or have had a look at the Breeze Balm Pinterest page, I do a lot of the posting and interaction on there too.

What is your favourite scent of Breeze Balm?

I absolutely love Pineapple Pash! Its soo delicious. But the limited edition Bananas For You is a close second.

What is your previous work experience, and did it prepare you for Breeze Balm?

I did close to five years of Retail work while finishing off my studies. The experience it provided me definitely prepared me for my role at Breeze Balm because I was able to interact with a huge variety of people each day and make sure that I did whatever I could to help them with anything they needed. This experience was perfect for my role in Customer Care now, as I get to interact with hundreds off BB Beauties each and every day, making sure that everyone who is part of the Breeze Balm family is 100% happy.

What made you want to work for Breeze Balm? 

Initially, I fell in love with the Breeze Balm Instagram page and how it reflected and celebrated every single woman (and man) out there. I already knew that Breeze Balm embodies such a positive and genuine message, which was only confirmed even more when I was able to meet Sammy and her sister, Petra. They were both so lovely and kind, how could I not want to work for such an amazing company?!

What is your favourite part about your role?

I love being able to think creatively with what I do on the Pinterest boards and the Facebook group. Plus, I get to interact with people from the things I post which is seriously so fun! I also love doing Customer Care and thinking initiatively to problem solve when needed. The absolute best part about my role though is that I get to work with the best team ever! We have so much fun at the Breeze Balm office and I really enjoy going to work because of the beautiful people I get to see each day!

What are you currently watching on Netflix/Stan?

Oh this is a tough one – there’s so many good shows! Currently, I’m watching Riverdale and also re-watching Gilmore Girls. I just found out that Stranger Things 3 will be released soon too, so I’m holding out for that!

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Barbara A Bauer
Barbara A Bauer

nice to meet you Ashley

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