Renee and Daegan // All things Ritology, women in biz & sustainability

Renee and Daegan // All things Ritology, women in biz & sustainability

Women entrepreneurs, Renee May Mets and Daegen Coyne created a fully sustainable brand called Ritology over a year ago. Ritology has products that do good and feel good. While these products dramatically improve your skin, you are also taking care of the planet with their sustainable razors and ritual products. These amazing ladies both have different business backgrounds and came together to create this brand. They owe their successes to having aligned values, learning what does not work, asking questions and celebrating the small wins. Whilst they have felt the disadvantage of being women in a business world, Renee and Daegs are full of determination to not let it affect them or Ritology. 

Your fave beauty product at the moment?

Renee: Other than Breeze Balm? Breeze Balm is the go-to. 
Daegen: I love my Breeze Balm, like genuinely love. Biology is great too.

Your favourite quote?

Daegen: If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got. 
Renee: Your mind is the only thing that is in your way. 

What has 2020 taught you? 

Enjoy the ride. Slow down. Life is short and nothing goes to plan. Just do your best. 

Listen to the full podcast here 🎧 

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