Three tips to beating social jet lag this silly season 🎄

Three tips to beating social jet lag this silly season 🎄

The sluggish, groggy feeling of this silly season is looming closer and closer - as your work Christmas party ramps up, the neighbours crack open their vintage wines and eating out is all you know. We know the feeling all too well and while we embrace and enjoy all the social gatherings and time spent with loved ones; ain't no body got time for feeling crud! 🤕 Yourself included! We care about our BB beauties so much, hence why we have complied three top tips to beating social jet lag and keeping your energy & wellness high!

We know... Hydration - so cliche 😏 Every second person is talking about the zillion litres of water you need to consume. Whilst a zillion litres might be a little over kill, we do vouch for the importance in staying hydrated. Keeping hydrated helps your body flush out toxins, last nights margaritas and Christmas puddings. Ultimately aiding in better digestion and allowing you to feel less sluggish!
Remember: it's important to drink FILTERED water. Tap water is loaded with chlorine and other heavy metals that do not serve you; try to steer clear when you can. 💦
You might be thinking - what actually is social jet lag? And it's a new theory to us to however boy does it make sense. Let's think about an ordinary weekend... you might go to bed on Friday and Saturday night 3 hours past your usual bed time and sleep in to 'compensate' however come Monday morning your alarm is back to 5:30 am. Your body essentially is reading your weekend as if you travelled time-zones; hence, the term 'social jet lag'. The importance of a regular sleeping pattern and just rest in general is incredibly detrimental to wellness and allowing your body to reset systems. Don't underestimate the power of rest 😴
Everyones goals are different however the underlying result behind this tip is the same for everyone. Endorphins are chemicals released when exercising. They interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain and also trigger a positive feeling in the body. Moving your body over the festive season is a great way to keep up healthy habits and plain and simply; make you feel GOOD. There's actually a tonne of research that indicates smashing yourself in the gym after a huge weekend of booze and rich foods does more harm than good. We recommend low intensity walks, swimming or only exerting yourself to 70% in the gym. 

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