Meet our Model Petra Leonard!

Meet our Model Petra Leonard!

Why did you choose to model for Breeze Balm? 

I was honoured to be asked to model for Breeze Balm, I would never say no!
I am Sammy's younger sister and we have grown up with this balm as a huge part of our lives. I love the link between Breeze Balm and our family's history. It's crazy to see just how far our little pot of gold has come. It was a real privilege to be a part of this campaign for Breeze Balm. I'm really enjoying working with my sister and I can't wait for more! 

What was it like on the shoot days in Hamilton Island? 

It was so fun and relaxed! I was super nervous, as this was my first modelling shoot, but everyone was so helpful, relaxed and encouraging. I felt so comfortable and wish I could relive it again!

What other modelling have you done? 

Since the Breeze Balm Campaign, I have modelled for Tomboy Apparel, Gretty Rose the Label, and Toned by Ashy Bines.

What's your favourite food to eat? 

Oh most definitely chocolate, Lindt cookies and cream is my fav!

Whats your favourite Breeze Balm Scent? 

Pineapple Pash! Oh it's so gooooodddd! 

Follow Petra on Instagram: @pettyboo14 

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