Why you need a good lip scrub and lip balm 👄

Why you need a good lip scrub and lip balm 👄

Whether you're a lip balm user or lipstick lover, a lip scrub is an essential to achieving that soft, youthful look! If you're finding yourself with dry lips constantly, it may be you have a build up of dead skin cells on your lips that need a good scrub (and a lip balm that works)!

Breeze Balm's Sugar Lips Scrub (which is cola scented - YUM!) buff away dead skins cells. Why sugar? The size of sugar particles make them ideal for exfoliating dry, chapped lips! Unlike salt, sugar granules are much more gentler, allowing them to exfoliate dead surface skin cells to reveal the healthy skin underneath! Now we've buffed away the chapped skin, your lip balm can penetrate and rebalance the layer effectively. Ensuring you choose a lip balm that doesn't contain harsh, drying ingredients and alcohols is a must to maintaining maximum hydration.

We've curated the ultimate lip care kit to meet your needs. Smoochable lips coming right up with our Smooth & Hydrate Lip Care Kit. Shop online at Breezebalm.com now.


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