How to get rid of dry lips

We all want our lips to look soft, beautiful, and attractive. Am I right? Everybody wants to be camera-ready these days and the one thing that can brighten your perfect picture is a glossy fresh smile. On the contrary, trying to smile with dry lips can be painful. It is the uncomfortable dryness of your lips that can eventuate into flaky or cracking skin and in some of the worst cases, bleeding. They are most common in certain seasons or climates. To add to this, if you are constantly licking your lips, without the support of an effective lip balm, it is likely that they are drying out with every breath you take. Reason being, lips are constantly exposed to wet and dry cycles and do not have oil glands that keep the skin on your lips hydrated and this is why you have dry lips. Not to worry, here are some tips that will help you a lot.

Apply lip balm before sleep

When you are in deep sleep at night, your skin removes toxins and turns over new kin cells. Due to which all the moisture is released from your lips. During this process your lip balm becomes your superhero, it will retain that moisture and keep your lips hydrated. Applying a thick layer of Breeze Balm before bed will give you tremendous benefits.

Drink plenty of water

Dehydration is one of the main reasons for chapped and dry lips as we know that the skin of our lips is thinner than skin elsewhere. If you drink less water, then symptoms start appearing in your skin and body. If your body is not hydrated from inside then it shows its effects from outside, including on your lips.

Don’t lick your lips

Most people get into the habit of licking your lips when they get dry and you don’t have your Breeze Balm close by (uh oh!). We’ve been culprits of this countless times throughout a big day. Don’t fall for the immediate moisture that licking your lips give, it’s a quick fix that will be more damaging shortly after. Because of this bad habit, the enzymes in the saliva break down the skin of your lips resulting in weaker, dryer skin that may eventually crack and even bleed.

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