Lip Balm Uses For Chapped Lips

Lip balm uses for chapped lips


Lip Balm can be used for many applications. Our secret formula is rich and hydrating and will keep your lips smooth and plump for hours.

We recommend our lip balm for the following areas:

  • You will probably guess our top use for a lip balm is for your lips. Whether they are dry and cracked from cold, windy weather or a hot summer's day in the hot sun, Breeze Balm is the perfect chapstick to use.
  • Our perfect pout original lip balm formula is great to help minor cuts and abrasions.
  • The rich creamy balm is fantastic for dry skin on your elbows and heels. 
  • Use our lip balm for an overnight treatment on dry patches. Simply lather a pea sized amount on your scaly skin to help smooth overnight. 
  • Have you got a new tattoo or want to help the tattoo colour pop? Use a small amount of Breeze Balm over your tattoo to help the skin that has been cut.

If you want to try our lip balm for any of the best uses above you can get one for yourself on the website today and ENJOY a lip balm that works!