DJ Tigerlily // Animal Activist, Vegan and DJ Queen

DJ Tigerlily // Animal Activist, Vegan and DJ Queen

Dara Hayes, famously known as Dj Tigerlily, is a female entrepreneur, producer and Dj. With over half a million monthly streams on Spotify, Tigerlily has found herself touring around the world entertaining crowds in the most amazing places. Although the global pandemic did create a short standstill to her performing, she is slowly getting back into performing more relaxed gigs and afternoon sessions. When the blue-haired Dj isn’t working, she takes time for her health and wellbeing, as well as a commendable effort towards animal welfare. Dara went vegan over 4 and a half years ago due to some health issues and hasn’t looked back. 


Your fave beauty product at the moment?

I love the Dermaviduals skin range. Great for all skin types and concerns. Also recently came across the Wolfberry eye cream by Young Living. It's super hydrating. Makeup wise, Kat Von D is a brand that has always been pro-animal, which I really love. Mecca also has a vegan tab on their website which is really exciting!


Who is someone who inspires you and why?

There are a few female influencers that are flexible with their careers and stand out from the crowd. Madalin Giorgetta speaks about diet culture and what health really is. She speaks about the social pressures on women. Steph Rice, is an ex-olympian and is doing some great work with partnerships. She is someone I look up to for her flexibility, intelligence and diversity. Last but not least, Steph and Laura from Keep It Cleaner. It has been great watching their business grow. 


Your favourite quote?

Success isn't sexy, it is the conscious choice to do hundreds of small tasks or make hundreds of small decisions day in and day out - overtime that then leads to success. 


What has 2020 taught you? 

Our health is so important over anything. Business diversity is also so important - over COVID I have learnt to be more diverse with my business and income stream as you never know what is around the corner. 


Listen to the full podcast here 🎧 

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