Live Radio, Reality TV and Love with Bella Frizza

Live Radio, Reality TV and Love with Bella Frizza

 1. Describe your job and what you do on a day-to-day basis
Mornings are crazy for me and go, go, go.  I wake up about 5:00 AM take my puppy for a walk then get to work about 7:00 AM. Scour all the gossip sites to find out what is happening in the entertainment world – then 7:30 AM and 8:30 AM I do my gossip segment with Heather, Dan & Ben on Sea FM, then I am on air from 9-12 so I don’t come up for air til about 12pm then I prep the radio station log to make sure everything is ready for the next day ahead. I am across the general running of the radio station as well right now so there are lots of meetings with different departments, rosters to do, write gossip stories for the website – I love it!

 2. What is your BIGGEST ‘fan girl’ moment whilst on radio?
I am generally someone who fangirls all the time so have had to pull it back and be ‘profesh’ when I have had to chat to some pretty big artists. I’ve interviewed Jess Glynne, Brendon from Panic At The Disco, Amy Shark, Jess & Lisa AKA The Veronica’s, Conrad Sewell, but my biggest fan girl moment would have to have been when I interviewed Phil from Grinspoon – I grew up LOVING Grinspoon and was chatting to him on the phone and told him how fan girl I was -  I think he thought I was a crazy!! 

 3. What is your most embarrassing moment on radio?
Oh god, they happen most days! I don’t really get embarrassed anymore but sometimes because there is so much to concentrate on when I am speaking, pressing buttons and making sure everything is in order, I stumble and forget what I am saying – it happens more than you would think. But as it live radio you kind of just have to go with it and trust yourself to get out of it. This is why I love live radio!

 4. How do you approach asking juicy questions?
I generally warm up the guest by telling them all the things I love about what they are doing/the accomplishments they have. The convo usually flows quite easily and then if I have a juicy question I leave it til the end of the interview coz it can sometimes get them off side and that would be an awkward rest of the interview if you started off with a juicy question.

 5. Can you recall your toughest interview? Why was it your toughest?
I once interviewed Keith Sweat, and the line was really bad and he had had a late night before hand so it was quite a hard interview, I wrapped it after about 2 minutes and I had a 10-minute time frame with him. I think I got about 10 seconds of usable audio from it! You have to be careful sometimes its very hard if you are getting an artist who is overseas say in L.A as there is a delay and you have to really listen to what they are saying so as not to waste the short time frame you have with them.

 6. You were a part of Married at First Sight season 3. What was the biggest thing you learnt about reality TV during this time?
I learnt that you need to be true to yourself and your values. I learnt so much about myself! Sounds cliché but you honestly can’t help but learn so much about yourself as the ‘process’ puts you through the ringer and you have to be 100% committed. 

 7. Would you do it again?
Yes, I would definitely. For the learnings and just to meet different people, it opens you up to meeting people you normally wouldn’t have come across for whatever reason. The extra online following doesn’t go astray either.

 8. Since MAFS, are you dating anyone at the moment? Who are they? ;)
I did have a boyfriend we met through mutual friends after the show, but I am very single right now. I have a pretty good idea of what I want, but am enjoying being on my own right now and am so busy with work. But it’s so nice to have time to re-connect with friends and myself. I am happily single for probably one of the first times in my life!

 9. What’s your favourite Breeze Balm scent?
Pineapple Pash!

 10. What’s an empowering quote you can share with others?
Oh, there are so many! My life mantra is EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. In my 33 years of experience I have found that even when bad/disappointing stuff happens – it’s for a reason whether that’s a learning or something we have had to go through. And most often leads us to the great stuff.

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