A CEO's day in the life 🏖

A CEO's day in the life 🏖


As most of you might already know Sammy Leo is the Founder and CEO of Australia's most loved lip balm, Breeze Balm. We recently had the opportunity to meet up with her to get a sneak peak into her daily routine. Here’s what Sammy said a day in the life of a CEO is like for her.


What time do you usually wake up?



What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

I check my phone and usually scroll through Instagram and any emails I received.


Once you’re up, where do you go from there?

I have a shower and make my way to the gym!


What is your fave exercise to do?

Definitely cardio! Anything that gets my heart pumping! 


Once your gym session is finished, what do you do?

I’ll go home and have some breakfast. This is also when I start to get ready for work. I then go to the office, but first, I always get a coffee!!!


So for your work life, what does this look like in a day?

Once I get to the office, I sit down with my team and answer any questions they have for the day. This is kind of like a debrief and we form a plan on what we’re going to work on.

I then go through my checklist on what I need to work on for the day and start working!

Sometimes I’ll take a photo for Instagram if I’ve made an effort for my outfit that day and feel good. Some days I’ll literally be at the office with no makeup and in my active wear - not cute lol!

 Towards the end of the day, I’m always the last to leave. On Monday’s and Tuesdays I stay at the office until 6pm or 7pm most weeks.


After your big (and long) day, what is something you like to do to relax?

After work I’ll either go catch up with some friends, go for a walk or call my family (they still live in New Zealand). Once I’m home, I’ll then start making dinner.


What’s your fave dinner to make?

Chicken salad!


Just like most of us, do you also watch Netflix after dinner?

Yes! I watch my favourite tv series. Right now, it’s the series ‘Dead to Me’!


What is one thing you like to do to prepare for bed?

I’ll have a tea! I then like to shower, brush my teeth and wash my face. After this, I apply moisturiser and some Breeze Balm! Before I get into bed, I take my contacts out and set my alarm. Annnnd I scroll on my phone for an hour!


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Rosanne Morrison
Rosanne Morrison

It’s interesting for me to hear what an average day for you is like

Sandy Weinstein
Sandy Weinstein

lots of activity. i would be dead beat when i got home. although i do get up early, i watch the news. i am retired, so i stay at home a lot because i have 2 4 legged girls to take care of. i do watch reg tv, but also read and work on the pc while i watch. have a nice holiday season

Christina A.
Christina A.

I enjoyed reading about Sammy! She is inspiring and I admire her discipline!

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