The 3 things you need to know to sing!

The 3 things you need to know to sing!

I heard the best quote from an absolutely brilliant man.

“Everyone can sing, but not everyone can sing like Mariah Carey.”

Now although he was referring to something completely different, he was totally right. Everyone does have the ability to sing, with the right tools and teaching you can hit the pitch and tone.

If you want to stay shamelessly singing out loud in the shower or rocking it out in your car with the music blaring, I can give you a couple tips on how to stay in tune for those epic boozed fueled (or stone cold sober) Karaoke nights.

  1. Learn to match pitch: Simply means, once you hear a note try to match it with your voice. There are some ways to do this from home, you can download an app, record yourself so you can hear the note, use a match pitcher with a digital tuner.
  2. Use scales: Not the food scales, but singing scales, this will help you extend your voice and see what your vocal range is!

Record yourself singing!: Can be a little weird, butRecording yourself gives you the opportunity to perfect your performances in private before ever sharing them with the outside world.”

  1. Sing all the time!: Practice makes perfect!


I had a little help writing this blog from this site: it has some wonderful tools in it, if you want to learn how to sing.


By @Pettyboo14

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